From the Founder’s Desk

Culture Shifts Consciousness


Jack Pierson, Humanity, 2017, metal and wood. Courtesy of Regen Projects.

I have been working on Compound for a lifetime, and in a more focused fashion, over the course of the past several years. The idea was to launch an incubator, a philanthropic development, to support the creative community with an emphasis on connectivity and cultural equity.

Compound is a new cultural platform and community space fostering the intersection of contemporary art and wellness. It has been my dream to create a space that supports creativity, connectivity, and inclusion. When we come out on the other side of this unprecedented time of physical separation, we hope that this universal challenge has unified us, and we invite all to experience Compound as a place of belonging, joy, transformation, healing, and holding space for one another.

Throughout the first season, this publication and platform will explore the theme of Chaos into Cosmos with artists, musicians, designers, and filmmakers who will bring diverse perspectives on notions of the sublime, the mysteries of the universe, and the politics of place. The following season we will focus on interpretations of Radical Empathy.

I hope that this moment of transformation awakens people to the idea that we are all interconnected. The global consciousness is being pushed toward a change for good.

We look forward to an open dialogue and engagement on how humanity can evolve in the 21st century, beginning with our own community.

“We want to create a place that is affirming, inclusive, and open. Our world hungers for opportunities to stimulate empathy and wellness—in ourselves, our communities, and for the planet. Audiences will find community, healing and joy here. We believe that culture shifts consciousness.”
—Megan Tagliaferri